Palladium Wedding Rings. Luxurious Luster For Less

Like the look of platinum wedding rings but not the price tag? You may want to consider a wedding ring crafted from palladium. Over the last few years palladium wedding rings have become increasingly popular for many good reasons.

Firstly, palladium comes from the same rare metal family as platinum. Palladium is a naturally occurring shiny, white metal, which like platinum, means it does not have to be plated with rhodium to maintain a luxurious shine. White gold wedding bands generally are rhodium plated to provide that nice white shine. Rhodium plating eventually wears off rings, requiring more plating every so often to maintain that silvery shine and luster.

Secondly, palladium is less costly than platinum, and a little more expensive than gold. So, you end up with a wedding ring with a platinum appearance, but not the associated price tag.

Thirdly, palladium wedding rings are hypoallergenic as they are 95% pure and do not contain any nickel. This makes them a great choice for anyone with sensitive skin or allergies to metal alloys.

In addition, palladium is extremely hard wearing and durable, which is a consideration when you are selecting a ring that you will be wearing for a lifetime. This is also something to consider when selecting an ornate setting, as the harder metals will provide a more secure setting for a longer time as they are less likely to wear.

Palladium wedding rings showcase diamonds beautifully and the color of the metal will enhance the sparkle factor of your diamond engagement ring.

The metal palladium also has a lower melting point then platinum, making it more jeweler friendly when looking for ornate ring designs and settings.

Palladium is not only rarer than gold, but it is a harder metal than both white gold or platinum, making for a good long term investment.

Palladium weighs about the same as white gold when made into a setting, but is up to 40% lighter than platinum, which can be a consideration if you are looking at a band with a good amount of metal in it.

Unlike white gold, or silver, palladium wedding rings will not tarnish, scratch easily, or lose their shine.

Many well known jewelery houses including Verragio and Tacori will create your engagement and wedding rings in palladium.

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