Titanium Wedding Rings For Eternity

Gone are the days when selecting a wedding ring was all about metal options such as platinum, or white or yellow gold. Recent innovations with newer metals in the jewelry world has seen the rise in use, availability, selections, and popularity of titanium wedding rings.

Titanium jewelry is generally shiny and a metallic gray. However, different processes can be employed to change textures. One of the most exciting concepts of titanium for applications in wedding rings and jewelry is that the metal can be colored for great and unusual visual effects. One of the most popular colors, particularly for men’s wedding rings, is black titanium.

Black titanium is achieved by the inclusion of various rare earth metals. Black titanium can make for an extremely effective backdrop to showcase sparkling diamonds as well as other colored stones and diamonds.

Titanium has become increasingly popular due to its incredible strength to weight ratio. What does this really mean? A titanium ring will weigh only 25% as the same ring made from platinum, but will be stronger. In fact, the strength of titanium wedding rings makes them almost indestructible.

Another popular selling point is the fact that titanium is another hypoallergenic metal, making it a great selection for anyone suffering from sensitive skin, or allergies to nickel or other various metal alloys.

Titanium will not tarnish and is impervious to salt corrosion and body fluids. In fact, titanium is so stable it is the metal of choice for many of the parts of space shuttles, and surgical implants.

The downside to a titanium ring can be the fact that due to the strength of the metal, they can be almost impossible to re-size. So if you are prone to dramatic weight or size fluctuations you want to consider a different style of wedding ring.

The strength of titanium can make it a difficult metal for jewelers to work with. However, this does not mean that titanium rings cannot be visually interesting or unique. Stones can be set into titanium in various settings including channel, flush, or bezel. Other colored metals can be added to the titanium, for example in stripes, swirls or patterns, for amazingly unique visual effects. However, extremely difficult or ornate settings may be technically difficult with a wedding ring made totally of titanium.

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