Pave Engagement Rings Provide Inlaid Sparkle

A pave engagement ring is a ring which appears to be totally inlaid and decorated with smaller diamonds, generally around a center setting of either diamonds, or precious gems for a nice contrast.

Pave engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular. The main reason being that all those inlaid diamonds add huge amounts of sparkle to a ring, and provide a very luxurious and glamorous effect. What better way to highlight a gorgeous center diamond or gem, than with a surrounding band of diamonds?

Engagement rings with pave settings can be presented in several ways. The first and simplest option is to have the band on either side of the center stone set with what appears to be a single row of diamonds on the top of the band. The second option, which will give a more substantial and 3 dimensional appearance is to have the pave set diamonds on the top of the band and also running around the sides of the band. The second option will require more diamonds but will give the engagement ring a fuller appearance.

While many couples assume that all that extra bling is going to substantially add to the costing, this is not always necessarily so. Why? Because all those surrounding stones are quite small and couples can select as many or as few as they wish for the engagement ring. The addition of filigree working or engraving to the band or setting, along with the pave setting, will add extra to the price tag.

Pave settings require multiple tiny diamonds set down into the band with tiny prongs or metallic beads holding the stones in place. Often pave settings utilize platinum or white gold, resulting in a less obtrusive metallic look. However, yellow gold can be used for a more dramatic appearance, while the white metals will allow the diamonds to sparkle more brightly and will give the diamonds a bigger appearance.

Pave engagement rings will require a little more cleaning than a simple engagement ring without the additional sparkle. All those pave set diamonds and the setting style leave tiny little areas that dust can accumulate in. This is very easily rectified by soaking the engagement ring in specific ring cleaning solution to loosen up the debris. Remove the engagement ring, give a gentle wipe, and hey presto, a sparkling ring again.

Pave engagement rings can be an excellent option for those who prefer more diamonds on show, and the appearance of less metal in their engagement ring.

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