Significance Of Gold Filled Earring Wire And Leverback

Jewelry makes an essential part of a person’s wardrobe. From necklaces to anklets, people, especially women, of all cultures and communities love to accessorize themselves with different sorts of ornaments. Out of the huge variety of accessories available in the market, women prefer to wear earrings the most. Earrings, whether they are delicate and small or big and bold, help in making a distinct style statement. But what makes the earrings long lasting and worth their price besides their design and material is their safety locks.

The earring findings used to attach the earring safely to the ear play an essential role in determining the worth of the accessory. In the jewelry market, two of the most popular types of earring findings are gold filled earring wire and gold filled leverback. These earring findings are best known for their well-secured locking system, easy maintenance and cost effectiveness.

It is a fact that out of all the different types of metals used to make jewelry findings, gold is considered to be the best material for its appearance, luster, skin suitability and grace. However, due to its hardness and high price, pure gold gives the makers and buyers opt for its substitute. Gold filled, also known as gold overlay, earring findings are not only affordable but also offers great convenience to the jewelry makers to work on.

There are many advantages of using gold filled leverback and earring wires for a pair of earrings. To distinguish between the two, in the leverback style, the earring gets locked after the curved loop gets attached to a link which resembles a fish hook. When the two ends of the finding meet, they create a secure and firm bond which saves the earrings from falling off the ears. Highly urban and stylish, leverback earrings make great accessories for people of all ages.

The earring wires are made by a single metal wire which is bent in the shape of half loop. It goes inside the pierced part of the ear and stays there securely. The long length of the wire prevents the earring from slipping out of the ears. It looks extremely elegant and light. Sometimes, jewelry designers decorate the earring wires with studs and pearls that make these earring findings suitable to go with all sorts of outfits and for all occasions.

Gold filled earring wire and gold filled lever-back findings offers the jewelry manufacturers a lot of scope to experiment with the style and designs of the earrings. They are skin-friendly, easy to mold into different shapes, hard enough to support heavy jewelry and soft enough to provide comfort and convenience to the manufacturer. Thus, with all these qualities, Gold filled wire findings make one of the best deals for both the makers and the buyers.

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