Redefine Your Cynosure With Contemporary Sarees!

Contemporary Sarees-categorically, this comprises immaculately-styled drapes which are garnering popularity on every nook and cranny of India. No one is untouched by the charm of contemporary drapes or designer sarees which cast their spell from a celluloid damsel to an ordinary woman. Fasten your seatbelts now to sink yourself into the exotic world of contemporary drapes!

The charismatic world of Indian drapes is full of style, glamour and grace! If traditional enriches Indian heritage then contemporary redefines it with class and panache. Contemporary embroidered saree is nothing else but a modern progeny of traditional ones. Broadly, the variations have been instilled in the same with the help of exotic embroideries, new yet universally acknowledged and appreciated fibres and drool-worthy look.

Apart from India, rest of the world has been creating waves with contemporary styled definitive drapes. The colossal cosmos of contemporary drapes is known for its designer look and exquisite embroideries. Earlier, sarees used to bear patterns and motifs from the medieval ages which include kings, queens and old temples but now the sarees have got high-end printing on which anything and everything can be printed. Right from the bohemian culture to entire village scene anything can be seen on stylish designer sarees of today’s age.

Traditional embroideries are inclined towards the things around them while the embroideries of the contemporary sarees are inspired by the not-so-common things which include plastics, coins, cabochons, shells and different hued wires. Earlier, designers used to add bling in a saree through too bright sequins and embroideries but now you can see the dull and antique variations in the same. The trend of decorative tassels, patches and brooches have been burgeoning like never before. Previously, smooth finish and soft textures were in vogue but now days, the fad demands rough and antique textures.

In a close tte–tte of designer drapes, how can we forget their deep alluring blouses? Certainly, it is not possible! The oomph-laden blouses can be found in corset, jacket halter styles which are well-liked by a coy mistress to a bold woman. To spruce up a wearer’s persona, blouses are available in sensuous backless styles. To add bling to their overall persona, females of the world accessorise their looks with decorative pins, different draping styles and detachable tassels.

Lehenga saree is one of its kind variations in the category of contemporary sarees which bears uber appeal. The aesthetic grace of the saree and the universal appeal of the lehenga can be found in a single outfit. This is a smart way to attain a bewitching look in a jiffy.

In a nut shell, traditional and contemporary have no comparison in general as they hold their different yet special places in beautifying a woman’s persona. If contemporary satiates your glamour quotient then traditional completes the feminine soul inside you!

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