Christmas Beads

When the three magi had the journey looking for the Messiah, they brought presents with them like myrrh, frankincense and gold.

When you think about Christmas, you would automatically think of parties, sweet delights and of course gift giving. Gift giving has been a part of the Christian celebration for Christmas; it is maybe the highlight of this occasion. Kids are excited to receive gifts from Santa Claus. Children and people who are young at hearts will be delighted when they receive a beaded jewelry which you made by yourself.

Beads are not hard to find, you can go to any craft shop and be amazed with the varieties and designs which you can buy in a very low price. Because of this, it would be a perfect present for those of you who are planning to give more and spend less. You should make a list of people you would want to give when buying. Create a list of their names and beside their names, write down what you want to give them. It may be an ankle bonds, a necklace or a pair of earrings or bracelet. You can also categorize them; people who love necklace will be given such thing. You will have an idea how many beads you have to buy to make fancy accessories with this. Find something which flatters their skin color as well.

To make it more special, if you are that artistic, you can have their accessories personalized and place it in a nice box to make it more special and meaningful. Have their names spelled out at the center of the necklace, there are beads which have letters engrave unto it. Or make earrings using letter beads so as the first letter of their names will hang on their ears.

Having a tight budget during the yuletide season isn’t an excuse to not be able to give special gifts to your kids and friends; it does not mean you have to give expensive gifts like those which were given by the three wise men to Jesus. As long as it is from the heart and you exerted an effort to remember them, despite of the financial crisis that you are going through, for sure your gift would truly be appreciated. The best gift we can best offer our loved ones are those that cant be seen through eyes, it may be friendship or love.

Have you always wanted to create your own beaded ornaments but have little experience with bead work? Provided in this article are some simple tips that will help you create stunning and beautiful hand made beaded Christmas ornaments that will make your home more festive this holiday season.

If you have never made bead Christmas ornaments, you will first need to select either a pattern or a kit. There are many kits available that typically include the beads, needle, thread, glue and any other materials required to begin making bead Christmas ornaments. The next step is to assemble the proper tools.

Tools Needed for Your Hand Made Christmas Ornaments

Pliers are the most important tool for getting started in making your hand made bead Christmas ornaments. Important pliers that are used with bead making include Flat Nose Pliers, Round Nose Pliers, Chain Nose Pliers, Crimp Nose Pliers, and Split Ring Pliers.

Another tool you will need is a good pair of wire cutters. If you are making wire bead Christmas ornaments, then wire cutters are absolutely essential. When selecting wire cutters it is important to select the appropriate strength wire cutter for the wire that you will be using. Wire cutters come in both lightweight and heavy-duty strengths. Light weigh cutters will suit your basic needs for the beading wire you will be using.

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