John Crabtree – Bradford

I can find very little information regarding this building located on the corner of Water Lane and Wigan Street.  In the 1903 directory it lists the building as Davies Edwards and Co, engineers Water Lane Works.  Herman Spitz a cloth weaver is also identified as occupying some of the site.  Having located maps at Bradford central library it would appear the development was built on the footprint of an old iron foundry.  In later life John Crabtree and Sons made it their place of business.  In more recent years it would appear to have been utilised as both a garage and a chicken farm located on the top floor.  Evidence of John Crabtree and his work within the woollen industry are commonplace around the various floor levels.  With regard to John Crabtree the only worthy  information found was in a roll call for the Bradford Pals in the Great War for the first 1000 men to enlist in1914. The list names one of the men as Lieutenant D L Crabtree a son of the late John Crabtree, Bradford Wool Merchant.  This may not be our John Crabtree but possibly his father as sons were often called in their fathers name.