Virginia Tech legend Frank Beamer on surviving cancer battle: ‘I&rsquo...

Frank Beamer is remaining quite active these days and the Virginia Tech legend is grateful for his health after the scare he endured towards the end of his coaching tenure.

Beamer, who now serves as a a member of the College Football Playoff Committee, posted a 238-121-2 record at Virginia Tech and guided the program to bowl appearances in each of his last 23 seasons at the helm.

In 2014, Beamer underwent throat surgery and later retired in 2015.

Now at 71-years-old and thankfully past the issue, Beamer reflected to WTVR Sports Director Lane Casadonte that he feels quite blessed to be alive.

“How serious were the health issues that you went through towards the end of your career? How much of a concern was it for you and Cheryl?” Casadonte asked.

“Well, it was a concern. I think any time you’re talking about cancer in any way, it’s something you’ve gotta fight and control and we did. Had some wonderful doctors and it’s under control. Feeling good and active. I’m a lucky guy.”

Beamer was inducted into the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame, with the ceremony set for April 7 at Virginia Beach’s Sandler Center for the Performing Arts.

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