Clemson wants to ‘leave no doubt’ in CFP rubber match vs. Alabama

As their Sugar Bowl CFP semifinals contest against Alabama approaches, Clemson players share a singular mindset.

The defending national champion Tigers want to leave no doubt when they take the field on Jan. 1.

Alabama and Clemson have split the last two national championships and now they’re squaring off for the right to return to the title game.

Despite hoisting the trophy last season, Clemson players realize there’s still those that considered their win over Alabama as a fluke.

So there’s motivation in putting on a dominant performance this season against the Tide to quiet the doubters according to a story from The State reporter Matt Connolly.

“I feel like we left a little bit of doubt as far as it being a close game. I think that’s kind of mentality and focus that we’re trying to have going into it. We’re trying to leave no doubt. We’re not trying to make it close,” cornerback Ryan Carter said. “We’re trying to win the game and move on. We know it’s going to be a tough game. We know it’s going to be a challenge. But the last two times we’ve played Alabama we’ve left a little bit of doubt as far as a couple of plays that we could’ve made, just little things, so I think that’s one thing we’re trying to challenge each other on is really leave no doubt.”

Clemson’s journey to becoming potentially the next great dynasty has been filled with plenty of close contests.

But the Tigers players say winning is winning.

“Last season there was a lot of doubt in how we got to the College Football Playoff and how we won the national championship, whether or not it was a last second tackle against Louisville or the interception in overtime against N.C. State. … This year, and we’ve done it so far, just kind of leave no doubt,” linebacker Dorian O’Daniel said.

“We feel like they just want to discredit from what we actually did. As a football player you take pride in that kind of stuff,” O’Daniel added. “You’re not going to let anyone just sit there and talk about what type of season you had when you know what it took and you’re on the inside looking out.”

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