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Kathleen Parker: Fake news is the story

Herewith, my picks for the most important stories of 2017:This year my list is short: “Fake News” — from which all cursings flow.When truth is relative, facts are fungible and the loudest voice wins the day, why, anyone really can become president.

Community news: Austin cemetery rules proposed


Keep Texas Beautiful has recognizes Keep Hutto Beautiful as one of 13 recipients of the 2017 Green Bag Grants.TRAVIS COUNTYAUSTIN

Cemetery rules proposedThe Austin Parks and Recreation Department, with the help of the community, developed a draft of the cemetery rules and posted them at bit.

Business news from the Austin American-Statesman.

6 billion


Bob Sechler, American-Statesman Staff

Amplify Snack Brands, an Austin company best known for its SkinnyPop popcorn, is being bought by The Hershey Co.7 percent from the prior November, as 2,196 homes changed hands, the Austin Board of Realtors said Thursday.

The Biggest and Best Tech News Stories of 2017

The end of the year is nigh, and 2017 has been an epic year for technology.We thought it would be a good idea to look back over the past year in tech news to see which stories made the headlines.

Kristen Yoonsoo Kim | Miami News, Food, Culture and Events

So you may be wary walking into The Other Side of Hope, with its title reminiscent of a self-help book and its.Irish filmmaker Johnny O'Reilly exhibits such a confident understanding of Moscow in his latest Russian-language film that you'd think he was a native.

Zachary Fagenson | Miami News, Food, Culture and Events

Zachary Fagenson became the New Times Broward-Palm Beach restaurant critic in 2012 before taking up the post for Miami in 2014.Popular Stories

Latest Stories

Unless you're picky, religious, or allergic to everything, there is no better way to dine than at the chef's discretion.

David Minsky | Miami News, Food, Culture and Events

Navy veteran and Tulane graduate who has experience reporting on stories from California, South Florida, and the Deep South.Popular Stories

Latest Stories

North Miami is getting a second brewery, and the first one hasn't even opened yet.

Miami Music | Miami News, Food, Culture and Events

The South Florida music scene lost a key player this week.Harold Spector, better known as Hal or Boise Bob, passed away at JFK Medical Center in Atlantis, Florida, from complications of undiagnosed cancer and a series of strokes.

Health | Miami News, Food, Culture and Events

And it repeals the "individual mandate" written into the Affordable Care Act, AKA the Obamacare provision that mandated that all people buy health insurance.After voters overwhelmingly legalized medical marijuana a year ago, Florida was supposed to issue ten new pot-growing licenses to nurseries by October 3.

Texas News & Politics

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